Wrestlers Raise Funds for Coach's Sick Daughter

More than $2,000 raised to help pay medical costs of four-year-old with inoperable brain tumor.

The wrestling teams of Mendham High School and Morristown High School came together in competition and in charity on Wednesday when players wrestled and raised money for Brooke Healey, a four-year-old with an inoperable brain tumor.

Healey is the daughter of Madison High School wrestling coach Steve Healey. The wrestlers wore t-shirts that said "I wrestle for Brooke" during the match and parents collected donations to benefit the Healey family.

Donations totaled $1,500 from the event and the parents and wrestlers raised an additional $600 in t-shirt sales. All funds will directly benefit the family's medical costs.

Also during the match, Morristown High School Co-Captain Frank Crippen, a senior, gained his 105th career win, setting a new record for the high school wrestling program. Crippen is the second wrestler in the high school's history to win more than 100 matches, coming in behind Aaron Velasquez who had 104 wins.


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