Student Marketplace Returns to Bragg School

TREP$ entrepreneurial program showcases student created business ventures.

For the past five weeks, fifth grade students at Bragg Elementary interested in being young business entrepreneurs have been preparing for a showcase of entrepreneurial spirit and education as part of the “TREP$ Marketplace,” where students will sell goods provided by their own original business.

According to teacher Cynthia Thieringer, the students have been attending after school workshops in the Bragg School Media Center where they have been learning how to prepare for, start and operate their own business.  

In these workshops, such as Money Matters or Marketing Magic students are part of a business team, presented with a weekly business challenge led by Thieringer and Susan Connolly.

The end goal is that these professional students will maximize their entrepreneurship skills and prepare for the TREP$ Market Place on Wed. Jan 23 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Bragg Gymnasium. 

Last year, the marketplace was attended by family and friends of the participants as well as teachers, staff, and students from other grades and the Bragg students also got the chance to show their work to the co-founder of TREP$, Pamela deWaal.

“Entrepreneurship education through TREP$ is an empowering self-esteem builder that gives kids a greater sense of control over their lives and futures," deWaal said. "With the support of the community, the young participants of TREP$ learn the value of creativity, motivation, and hard work.

This year there will be homemade foods, jewelry, sports items, note cards, hair accessories and many more items for sale by over 50 students who participated.

The snow date for the event is Jan. 24.


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