Mendham Twp Passes School Budget, 406 to 109

Christmann back on the board, joined by newcomer Fion Wood.

At the end of the , outgoing urged everyone to go out and vote to support the budget for the 2012-2013 Mendham Township School system.

On April 17, the voters did just that, approving the budget with a 406 to 109 vote. The budget as presented included a number of new technology investments as well as repair and resurfacing work designed to protect equipment and become more energy efficient.

The budget will on the average taxpayer $2.

As one of the only districts in the region that to November, Mendham Township voters needed to approve their budget. Districts that moved their elections will forgo budget referendum as long as the budgets fall within the state’s 2 percent cap.

“What everyone needs to know is that we operate on a zero base budget,” Harrison said during the budget presentation. “There is no pot of money given out where people are told to spend it. No, every dollar is accounted for and when people ask for money they need to show a need for it.”

The board of education had two candidates for two slots on the ballot. Sitting board member Andrew Christmann retained his seat and he was joined by Fion Wood for his first stint as a BOE member.



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