Chester Rec, DARE Bring Music With a Message

Chester Recreation in partnership with Chester Township DARE Program sponsored an interactive concert at Bragg Elementary School.

In what is hoped to be the beginning of a strong partnership between Chester Recreation and the Chester Township Dare Program, an interactive concert was held at the Bragg Elementary School on Friday that featured music with a message.
Performing to the third and fifth grade classes were Presley and Melody in an assembly designed to feature live performances of the songs students love
and attendees were encouraged to participate with interactive music props and pom poms.

A slide show featuring lyrics and positive messaging and the event was titled "Making Good Choices" as it focused on the impact of the positive decisions we make every day to have a good life. The themes included being kind to friends, being respectful to our teachers, being attentive in class, choosing to do your best in school,choosing to be healthy, and more.


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