Tackling Turkey Farm, Budget on Chester Boro's List

Borough Mayor and Council meeting will feature work on the lengthy 'to-do' list for 2013.

During their 2013 reorganization meeting, Chester Borough Mayor Bob Davis outlined a list of things he hopes the governing body can address in 2013.

They will begin to do just that at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Chester Borough Hall.

"This is my list," Davis said. "But obviously members of the council can comment and add things to that list."

Council member Janet Hoven added that she wanted to work on a business advisory council and Elizabeth Gugliemini said she would like to see more emergency notification exploration beyond the SWIFT reach phone call.

"When power is out and the lines are down you can't receive that phone call," Gulgiemini said.

The complete list of tasks outlined by Davis is included below.

Administration and Personnel

  • Install a server & scanner tying all administration computers together to
    improve general office function and improve document storage
  • Review & further develop staffing & employee educational needs to upgrade
    status & to accommodate employee retirements.
  • Replace retiring Secretary to Board of Health

Utility Issues

  • Review & plan for expanding the Public Water system
  • Review Sewer rates for internal billing & rate reduction
  • Maintain and upgrade the sewer utility infrastructure as needed
  • Pool lease extension with BOE; review change building for upgrade

Facilities - Property Management Issues

  • Detail and Plan further uses for the 50 North Rd Municipal Tract
  • Build out the Police Dept to complete the Boro move into 50 North Rd office
  • Install exterior lighting for security at 50 North Rd
  • Maintain the Boro infrastructure-Pave Grove Street & Budd Ave
  • We have also applied for a grant to pave Old Peapack Road
  • Organize a sidewalk project to complete Fairmount Ave
  • Review a sidewalk build-out for Pleasant Hill Road and North Road
  • Review installation of generator for 50 North Road building

Property Tax Control and Appropriation Issues

  • Review the consolidation of the Zoning and the Planning Boards.
  • Budget adequately while staying within the mandated State Caps.
  • Debt reduction.

Zoning and Property Use Issues

  • Implement various ordinances and execute on contracts once Affordable
    Housing Spending Plan is approved by the State.
  • Complete the zoning change topic request for Larison site.
  • Review to simplify the process for minor site plan change requests.

Environmental and Open Space

  • Complete the trails plan tied to the grant
  • Review purchase of open space parcel (Fairmount Avenue)

Personnel Management Issues

  • Review Personnel Policy manual for an update to current standards
  • Review salary structure for DPW employees

Department of Public Works Issues

  • Add DPW employee due to Bill Harm's retirement
  • Continued education for employees

Police Department

  • Develop succession plan for future Chief retirement.
  • Overtime Budget control issues.
  • Continue to negotiate with Police union for new contract within state
    mandated control of cost.

Shared Services

  • Continue contracting effort for a Joint Court with Mendham Borough.
  • Continue to meet with the four other Mayors within our Regional District to discuss and engage in further Sharing of Services and Emergency Management issues.

Recreation Planning & Programming

  • Expand Field House & Grove Street Park use.
  • Add programming for all age groups.

Community Relations

  • Develop a new ordinance regarding secondary signs for businesses.
  • Continue to work with the business community to enhance their presence.
  • Review any further ordinance changes to lower cost & simplify processes.
  • Continue to expand communication thru Social media and Swift-Reach program.


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