Swan Song For Mendham Township Committeeman

After two terms, Frank Cioppettini's time on the Mendham Township Committee comes to an end at Tuesday's evening.

After two terms, Mendham Township Committeeman Frank Cioppettini's time on the dais has come to an end.

The former mayor served two terms and always said he would not exceed two terms and the Dec. 18 meeting would appear to be Cioppettini's last as a committeeman. 

Newly elected Chris Baumann will take Cioppettini's seat in the new year. According to current deputy mayor Rick Merkt, Baumann is the right person to take Cioppettini’s place.
“Chris is part of a new generation that will provide leadership on the Township Committee going forward,” said Merkt in an earlier interview with Patch.

Merkt also was quick to praise Cioppettini.

"You always know exactly where you stand with Frank.  He is open and forthright about his views on public issues,” Merkt said in an earlier interview with Patch. “He has played an important role in putting Mendham Township's finances on a stronger footing for the future. “

At last week's township committee meeting a group of residents expressed their appreciation for Cioppettini's service.

"I would like to thank him personally. And for the two terms he served as mayor which was the beginning of a change from a prior committee who was not transparent," said resident Robert Zimmerman. "It wasn't even translucent."

Resident Michael Merritt praised Cioppettini for his "passionate service" to the community and Pat Zimmerman said she appreciated Cioppettini not shying away from controversy.

"Frank is more than a breath of fresh air, he is more like a gale," Pat Zimmerman said. "I will miss Frank."

Cioppettini's last meeting is expected to feature a review of the Pitney Farm transition committee report and a discussion of the extension option on the MUA recycling contract.



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