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Change Comes to Chester Borough Council

Matt Finney and Elizabeth Gugliemini sworn in, Tim Iversen replaces Gary Marshuetz as council president by a 3-2 vote.

Chester Borough’s Thursday night featured the expected, swearing in of councilman Matt Finney and Elizabeth Gugliemini by Sen. Anthony Bucco and the unexpected, when Tim Iversen replaced Gary Marshuetz as council president.

In their first action as a council in 2013, Matt Finney nominated Gary Marshuetz to continue in his role as council president, citing his years of experience. 

Marshuetz seconded his nomination after some prompting from Mayor Bob Davis.

"I thank you, Mr. Mayor for your vote of confidence," Marshuetz said.

When Davis called for more nominations, Councilwoman Jennifer Cooper-Napolitano nominated Tim Iversen. Janet Hoven seconded and the vote went 3-2 in Iversen's favor.

"I would like to thank the members of the council for honoring me with this position. I appreciate the opportunity to share in this leadership role to develop depth on the council. I think its a better way to serve our tax payers," Iversen said. "I hope to do honor to the trust this council has placed in me."

Several appointments to board, committees and commissions were made over the course of the night, including:

Planning Board

  • Mayor Bob Davis
  • Kerry Brown, Zoning Officer
  • Anthony DiFazio
  • Stanley Stevinson
  • Maureen Nowak Alternate No. 1
  • Elizabeth Gugliemini

Zoning Board of Adjustment

  • Maureen Kay, Full member
  • Edward Hanington, full member
  • Russell Goodwin, Alternate No. 1
  • James Robshaw, Alternate No. 2

Board of Health

  • Linda Polkowski, full member
  • Erik Prince, full member
  • Kimberlee Phillips, full member
  • Kenneth Budd, Alternate No. 1

Board of Recreation Commissioners

  • Johanna Kaparis

Chester Area Pool Committee

  • Andrew Dunleavy, regular member

Environmental Open Space Committee

  • Edward Ng, regular member
  • Edward Hanington, regular member

Water Resources and Sewer Committee

  • Janet Hoven, regular member

Morris County Community Development

  • Erik Prince

Library Board

  • Dennis Whorley, Mayor’s appointee

Historical Preservation Committee

  • Julia Robinson, regular member
  • Edward Hanington, Committee Town Historian

Professional Appointments

Municipal Attorney             

Brian W. Mason of Nuzzi, Mason LLC

Municipal Auditor               

Nisivoccia & Co.

Municipal Prosecutor       

Firm of James La Sala

Municipal Public Defender

Barry Shinberg

Municipal Bond Counsel

Hawkins, Delafield & Wood LLP

Municipal Water and Sewer Consultant

Applied Water Management

Municipal Planning Consultant

Banisch & Associates

Municipal Engineer

Paul W. Ferriero

Municipal Risk Manager   

Steven Reichman

Municipal Utility Auditor 


Mayor’s Appointments for Calendar Year 2013

Municipal Court Judge                  

C. William Bowkley   

Court Administrator                   

Sharon Alpaugh               

Deputy Court Administrator         

Lisa Conover                    

Construction Official                    

Steven Freedman             

PERS/PFRS Certifying Agent     

Vidya Nayak                    

Tax Search Officer                     

Ana Hopler                      

Animal Control Officer                

Allen Alpaugh                  

Police Chaplain                            

Msgr. Ray Lopatesky       

Recycling Coordinator                

Ana Hopler                      

Solid Waste Coordinator              

Ana Hopler                      

Assessment Search Officer          

Valerie A. Egan               

Insurance Commissioner               

Valerie A. Egan               

Police Matron                               

Kellie McGuire 

Emergency Management Council

Coordinator of EM                               

Angelo Bolio                       

Dep. Coordinator/Director of EM        

Andre Kedrowitsch            

Assistant Dep. Coordinator                  

Janet Hoven                        

EMS Captain                                        

Russi Champi                      


Dr. Christina VanWoert     

Fire Chief                                              

Angelo Bolio                       

DPW Superintendent                                           

Allen Alpaugh                     

Transportation Coordinator                  

Mary Jane Canose               


Cynthia Lee                        


Valerie A. Egan                  

Finance/Resource Mgt.                         

Vidya Nayak                       


Robert Davis                       


Observer Tribune                


Daily Record                       


Mendham-Chester Patch     

All appointments were approved by council vote.

Finney thanked all on the council for the honor of serving with them and said he looked forward to working with Gugliemini. For her part, Gugliemini said how excited and honored she was to be a part of the council.


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