Social Media New Source for Mendham Boro Info

New Facebook page and Twitter accounts link the governing body to borough residents.

After Hurricane Sandy left town at the end of last year, Mendham Borough Mayor Neil Henry said increased communication was going to be a goal going forward.

Last week, the Borough Government launched their own Facebook page and activated their own Twitter accounts as a way to communicate with residents.

"I am happy to let you know that you can now join the Facebook site of the Mendham Borough government to receive emergency and non emergency messages from the Borough of Mendham," Henry said. "You can also join us on Twitter."

The social media push comes after an increase in resources to updating the Borough's website. In the hectic hours that followed Sandy’s devastation of the area, residents of Mendham Borough were looking for information and guidance on where they could get warm, what roads were open and the status of the power restoration efforts on the borough website.

However, the site was not updated during the storm.

“The website wasn’t updated because we didn’t have the power or the manpower to update it,” Henry said at the time.

Responding to that need, Henry announced back in November the borough had assigned extra hours to an employee already on the payroll who will be updating the site regularly.

“We understand now the need to get the information out and reach people’s smartphones,” Henry said.

Henry said that the borough website now has new sections where residents can sign up for an e-mails list and that the borough will continue to expand their social media presence and research new information delivery systems in order to make sure they keep in touch with their residents. 

"You can also sign up on our website, under the e-mail news tab to receive the same notifications," Henry said.


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