Chester: Gugliemini In, Robshaw Out, Finney Retains Seat

Chester Borough Council shake up as Elizabeth Gugliemini earns spot on the November ballot alongside Matt Finney. Jim Robshaw loses in tight contest.


She went door to door in Chester, campaigning like a woman on a mission and at the end of Tuesday’s primary, bested by almost 20 votes to earn a Borough Council seat.

Robshaw’s running mate, incumbent Matt Finney retained his seat with 160 votes. Robshaw came in at 145 while Gugliemini had the high score of the night with 164.

“Mrs. Gugliemini is going to bring some new perspective to the council,” sad Chester Borough resident and retired Port Authority Police officer Will Jimeno. “And I went with her door to door as she spoke to the residents. Mrs. Gugliemini brings fresh new ideas and a passion to make our community better. A better community and a more transparent government then we have today.”

Out of the 504 registered, 273 cast their vote in the primary which included six mail-in ballots that brought voter participation to approximately 54 percent.  

In there was one seat up for grabs on the town council as Brian Murphy has chosen not to run for reelection.

Jackie Spinelli, who was running unopposed alongside incumbent Karen Powell who was running to retain her seat, split the vote nearly even at an estimated 50 percent and 49 percent respectively.

Spinelli tallied 532 votes while Karen Powell picked up 523.  

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Amalia Duarte June 06, 2012 at 11:15 AM
New "girl?" I know the reporter is attempting to be cute, but I highly doubt he would have written new "boy," if a man had won this seat. Please move into the 21st century and correct your headline! There is another woman on the council not a teen-aged girl.
Sally Troup June 06, 2012 at 12:10 PM
In fact, it sounds like Chester has a highly accomplished new member. Fresh ideas, passion and transparency? This is a representative who may do good things for the Boro! "New girl" does not do Ms. Gugliemini justice.
Barbie Jones June 06, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Amen to this ! Liz will be a great addition to the Boro government. Congratulations, Liz, you worked hard for this seat and you have really earned this position.
Russ Crespolini June 06, 2012 at 01:54 PM
I am going to guess that none of you guys like Zooey Deschanel...New Girl is the name of her television show. Probably should have dropped quotes around it to telegraph that a bit better. But, the people have spoken and I have more posts and e-mails who dislike than people who think its fun. So I will change it. Thanks for commenting and reading!
William Jimeno June 06, 2012 at 02:49 PM
I would like to congratulate Elizabeth on her win and one where she came in first, which says a lot in our community. I look forward to seeing her and Mr. Finney, who I also send my congratulations to as well, take their seats and do The Right Thing for our borough! I truly hope and expect that Mayor Davis will honor the voice of the people and he and his advisors will not try to attempt to get someone to run against Elizabeth in November. The reason I say this, is because it is still politics and I am sure that Mayor Davis was not happy that one of his two candidates he was campaigning for was defeated. Again, Congrats Elizabeth on a well run campaign and all my best and do us proud! Will Jimeno


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