Chester Councilwoman 'Withdraws' From Race

Janet Hoven shifts gears to focus on mayoral campaign for 2014.

One day after the deadline to file the petition to seek re-election for the Chester Borough Council, sitting council member Janet Hoven has decided to withdraw from actively campaigning. Hoven said her goal in doing so, in part, is so she can focus on a mayoral campaign.

“I have made the decision to run for Mayor of Chester Borough in 2014. I believe that voters should have a choice in elections. When I submitted my petition for re-election, there were no other petitions submitted," Hoven said.

According to Hoven, as late as the morning of Monday's filing deadline, there was only one other petition, that of fellow Councilwoman Jennifer Cooper-Napolitano. 

"There are now two additional candidates and rather than asking my supporters to support me in a contested race this year and what is mostly likely to be a contested Mayoral race next year," Hoven said.

The problem, Hoven said, is that there exists no way for to drop out of the race now that her petition is filed.

 "Since there is no mechanism for me to officially withdraw, I will not actively campaign for Council," Hoven said.

Hoven said that she wanted to maintain the integrity of the people's choice, and if she were to be re-elected, it would conflict with a 2014 bid for mayor.

"If I were to be so honored as to be re-elected to the Council for another term, and again be honored by the residents of the Borough to serve them as their Mayor, I would have to vacate my seat and the local Republican committee would have the responsibility to submit names to the Borough Council for a replacement council person," Hoven said. "I believe that the residents of the Borough should have representatives that they elect, not that the party selects."

When it comes to the current election slate, Hoven has a clear idea of who residents should be supporting.   

"I am asking Borough residents who would have supported me to vote for Councilwoman Cooper-Napolitano and another candidate of their choice,” Hoven said.

Other candidates who filed for Borough Council include former councilmember James Robshaw who was ousted last fall by Elizabeth Gugliemini and newcomer Karen Ferrone.

Hoven has served on the Council since 2011. Previously, she served six years as a member of the Chester Board of Education.

ChangeInChester April 02, 2013 at 05:11 PM
Wow. A political figure with scruples.
Tracy Buckner April 03, 2013 at 01:09 PM
I worked with Janet Hoven for many years on the Chester PTO and on the many volunteer activities she and I participated in while our children were in the Chester schools. I have no doubt she will make a tremendous Mayor.


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