Alleged Teen Drug Dealers Caught in Mendham Twp.

Minors found with drugs, paraphernalia and cash on Tanager Lane, police said.

Three 17-year-old Randolph males were caught Friday with a large quantity of drugs with the intent to distribute, said.

According to police, the minors were in a pair of vehicles on Tanager Lane and both vehicles had the strong odor of marijuana. 

A search of one vehicle was revealed $736 cash, marijuana, a digital scale as well as packaging and rolling papers, police said. 

In the second vehicle, marijuana was seized, which had been separated and packaged for distribution, police said. According to police, the second car also contained unused packaging, a Vicodin pill, $366 in cash as well as other drug paraphernalia. 

All three juveniles were charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, drug paraphernalia and have been referred to family court, police said.


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