Jim Breuer Hosts Chester Family Film Festival

Comedian Jim Breuer hosts a festival of films by residents in his hometown of Chester this Saturday.

After four months of waiting since it was first announced, local filmmakers will now have the chance to showcase their work in front of their friends and family at the first Chester Family Film Festival at 8 p.m. Saturday at Gazebo Park.

The festival sprung from an idea by Chester resident and comedian Jim Breuer. Breuer, best known as a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” will serve as host for the night. A night full of creativity with very few rules.

“Two rules,” Breuer said in the video explaining the festival. “Got to be family friendly and you have to be from Chester.”

Beyond that, and a three-minute length restriction, residents could submit a variety of videos.

“Comedy, funny home movies, drama, mystery, awareness, inspirational,” Breuer said. “Whatever.”

The event is being sponsored as the latest venture between Chester Township and Chester Borough, both of whom share Maxine Finney as recreation director.

“Maxine has done a great job with these big events,” Chester Township Mayor Bill Cogger said. “The Memorial Day ceremony and Chester Day just ran like clockwork. She really has done a wonderful job.”

The joint ventures make sense for the Chester community, who according to many don’t see themselves divided.

“The community doesn’t think of itself as Borough and Township,” Finney said. “They think of themselves as from Chester.”

The event is free and open to the public and refreshments will be served. As host, Breuer will be sharing home movies of his own as well as commenting on the submissions shown.

That prospect alone may be worth the trip to downtown Chester.

“Did you see the video he made for submissions?” Finney said. “It’s hilarious.”

For more information check out the event website and make sure you pause to pose for a pic on Patch with our photographer!  


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