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Patch: Not Just For When the Power Is Out

Sure, you came to love us when we were your lifeline during the storm, but Mendham-Chester Patch is so much more!

Hey there.

We've been through a lot lately, haven't we?

Weathering the storm and the elections and the aftermath together brought us closer.

And sure, you came to us for information during the crisis but we are more than just a tiny glowing bit of text on your smartphone when your power is out.

Mendham-Chester Patch is YOUR hyper-local news site and your involvement and contributions are not only welcome, but vital to what we do.

So now that you found out little community cabin during the storm, why not stick around by the fireplace and share your stories with us.

Here is a list of a dozen ways in which you can continue to make this Patch, YOUR patch.

1. Blog on our Site
Ever dream of being a columnist, maybe sharing your opinion? Well if you blog on our site, you can do that and more. Post updates for organizations, post videos and photos, let us know what's on your mind and what you've got going on. Update as much or as little as you want. The content is yours and we will give you pretty much free reign with it. It just has to be locally relevant (and, of course, appropriate for a family-friendly news publication). E-mail Russ.Crespolini@Patch.com.

2. Sign Up for our Newsletters
Look for the Follow Us and Newsletter links on the front page of this and most every page to sign up for daily and weekly updates. Once you sign up, the digital message will be sent directly to your email inbox. 

3. Review Restaurants and Other Businesses
You can post a review of your favorite restaurants here as well. Additionally, you can review any business in our directory.

4. Make Your Directory Listing Your Own
We spend a lot of time working to make sure our directory of businesses and institutions in town is complete and accurate. But no one knows your business better than you. Go to our directory page and hit the button to claim your listing (there's no cost). You'll be able to upload more photos, update hours and key contact information, and get an easy way to communicate with us if we need to correct any info. We want our readers to always know how to find you—help us make that possible.

5. Upload Your Photos and Video
We invite you to share with the rest of the community the memories you've caught on camera. Post photos from local festivals, or a video from a sporting event or concert. Our Neighborhood Gallery (linked here) is a catch-all for pretty much any moment in your life you want to share, but you can also add photos and videos to any article, event or announcement!

6. Post an Event or Announcement
Have you used our Patch calendar yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Sell tickets to your show, remind people of an important meeting or broadcast to the world your happy meal toy collection is up for grabs at your yard sale! Just remember our Terms of Service as events and announcements should be for personal use, and not for advertising.

7. Oh Yeah, Advertising!
Our sales team would have killed us if we'd forgotten that one. Hit the big "advertise" button on the bottom of the page or go directly to our contact form here, and we'll get in touch about the opportunities we have for display ads, daily deals promotions and other special products.

8. Comment on an Article
Sharing your thoughts and reactions to our articles allows us to continue the conversation. Post a comment directly below each article and get involved. Start with this article, even if you're just saying hi.

9. Send a News Tip
You are now all officially tipsters! At the bottom of the homepage, there's a link that says, "Send Us News Tips.” Your tip will be sent straight to me, Russ Crespolini, the editor of Mendham-Chester Patch. You can also drop me a line at russ.crespolini@patch.com, or call 973-370-0045. All of these messages are beamed directly into my brain. And by brain, I mean phone.

10. Ask a Question
Wonder why the heck the flea market is in Dover now? Or what happened to the Turkey Farm? I know I do. Go ask a question, or answer someone else's.

11. Be Social
Follow us on Twitter to get the fastest updates on breaking stories and on Facebook where you have another chance to comment on what we’re posting and share photos and video. So come on and “like” us. We already like you.

12. Get the app. If the power goes out, your smartphone may end up being your only tool for getting the info on what’s going on in your community. Click here to get the Patch app for free on iTunes. Not only can you read news on it, but post photos and videos as well. Don't want to download the app? Just type the url of your favorite Patch site into your mobile browser.


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