Mixed Response to Gay Marriage

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President Barack Obama may have made history by , but the subject has gotten a mixed reaction when Patch has checked in with local community leaders in the past.

Chester Township Mayor William Cogger —just after Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a same-sex marriage bill—that he's a proponent of civil unions as the “primary vehicle” for same sex couples, but he says they should have the same rights as married couples.

Cogger, along with his counterparts in and , is often called upon to officiate ceremonies. All said at the time they'd adapt to whatever disposition the law mandated.

But Chester Borough Mayor Robert Davis said he declines to conduct marriages altogether, saying he sees that as a religious function, and not his place.

Among church leaders, some have told Patch in the past that they're fine with the idea of same-sex marriage. .

The Rev. Margaret Otterburn, rector of , was the only clergy member to respond to requests for comment at the time. But she said she would perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple as long as the couple was were willing to do the same preparation she requires of all couples, and as long as same sex marriage was considered legal in the state.

What do you think? , and tell us why you think it should or shouldn't be legal in the comments below.


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