Drug Dealers With Weapons, Drunk Driver Hits House Tops News

A wild week of news in Mendham and Chester closes out the month.

Beyond the cold, then warm, then wild weather we had this week there were several stories that caught the eye of Mendham-Chester Patch readers this week. Check out our top six stories below.

'Unacceptable' Sick Bank Deal Rejected By Teachers

The Teacher’s Association and the Regional School Board could not reach a compromise over a “sick bank” for Susan Moor, the West Morris Central Nurse with cancer who used all her sick days when her 8-year-old daughter passed away last year.

A drunk driver blew through a stop sign and ran into a home on Cold Hill Road, Mendham Township Police said.

Burned Chester Bagel Owner Gets Community Support

The community rallied messages of support for Henry Delgado, beloved owner of Chester Bagel after he was burned in a kitchen accident.

The Chester Township Police stopped a car of alleged drug dealers from Dover with an illegal handgun and knife in the car.

Faculty Evaluation System Coming To Regional Schools

Whether you have tenure or not, a new system of evaluation is coming.

Shared Services a Focus of Mayors' Meeting

For the first time in months, the five mayors that are a part of the West Morris Regional School district sat down to discuss issues beyond the feasibility study.


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