Workshop, Book Signing at Mendham Books

Local authors led by mystery writer Jenny Milchman will discuss the process of getting works published as part of a ‘Night of Hopes and Dreams.’

Local author and would be thrilled if folks stopped by for the signing Thursday night at 7 p.m. at Mendham Books, but her interest doesn’t end there.

“People expressed interest in how I stuck with this for so long—trying to get published—and it got me thinking that lots of people have a dream they’re thinking about, or maybe one they put aside,” Milchman said.

So Thursday’s book signing will feature an area moms’group, as well as two writers’ groups as part of the “Night of Hopes and Dreams.”

Milchman said she plans to speak a little about how she was “able to hang in there.”

“We’ll invite other people to come up and share a hope or dream of their own. There will be good food and drink—and hopefully some new friends to be made,” Milchman said.

Milchman also said that her advice for people seeking publication is different for young writers.

“For young writers, I would say: read everything you can—books that are hard, books that get your blood racing, books you don’t understand. Read, read, read, and let it all soak in,” Milchman said. “And write to have fun. If a story you’re writing gets boring, put it down. Don’t worry if you don’t finish. Write the good parts. When you get an idea that just won’t quit, go with it. Write to thrill yourself—because if you’re thrilled, your readers one day will be, too.”


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