Girl Scouts to Give Garabrant Center a Facelift

Mendham Borough Council authorizes Troop 4060 to begin their renovation project.

Thirteen Scouts from Troop 4060 presented an ambitious plan to overhaul the Garabrant Center in the coming months and the Mendham Borough Council wasted no time in authorizing them to move forward.

Speaking in turns before the governing body last Monday, the Troop laid out a plan to give more than a face lift to the multipurpose building, but a plan that increases functionality as well.

“One of the reasons they are all standing is each girl will be receiving multiple badges,” said Mendham Borough Administrator Ellen Sandman. “They want to make great change to this building we are in and they felt strongly that they each wanted to speak.”

And speak they did.

All of the fifth graders assembled took turns describing their vision for the Garabrant Center and it was one that included painting, new curtains, repairing the coat rack, a file cabinet for the nurse who visits the senior citizens, a better community bulletin board and repairing the wood paneling. 

The Scouts also said they planned to spruce up the bathroom by creating floral arrangements, adding a new wreath above the fireplace and steam clean the floors. Outside the building the Troop plans to work on the exterior gardening, plant a time capsule dedicated to the renovation project and host a ceremony and picnic for the seniors when the job is done.

“This is what the community is all about,” Sandman said after the scouts finished speaking.

Barbara Stanton and Eileen Lupo, the Troop leaders agreed.

“Doing the Garabrant Center is just the next step for them in their pubic service,” Lupo said. “This troop is responsible for the recycling cans at the Kings Shopping Center and they also baked breads for the Mendham MASH residents. These girls have been dedicated to the community.”

The Council unanimously agreed to let the scouts move forward with their work. Council President Stanley Witzcak, who ran the meeting in the absence of Mayor Neil Henry who was attending a conflicting meeting in Long Hill in his capacity as administrator there, had nothing but praise for Troop 4060.

“This really was a job well done. These girls are very well spoken,” Witzcak said.

But Councilman John Andrus had one question.

“Yeah, but can they paint?” Andrus said.


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