Teen Killed, Couple Dies During Sandy, Bus Driver a Hero Top Stories of 2012

Here is our look back on the big stories month to month over the past year.

With literally dozens of stories posted a week, our year-in-review is far from a complete picture of the news conversation that happened in Mendham and Chester over the last year. That said, our stroll down memory lane begins below.

January: Prepare For Liftoff

Mendham-Chester Patch: Your Voice Is Heard

At the end of Jan. 2012 Mendham-Chester Patch was launched. This is the launch video which was high on promise and featured an over-zealous portly editor excited for the year to come.

February: Regional School District Gets DOE Visit

Mendham-Chester Patch jumped in on to the coverage concerning the future of the West Morris Regional School District and the debate over whether it should be broken up. The state Department of Education held an informational meeting for all concerned.

March: Alleged Gunman Near School Causes Panic

Video: Lockdown Unleashes Fear

Nine months before the shooting in Newtown, police in nearby Hackettstown received a phone call from an alleged gunman causing a school lockdown and a community to panic.

April: Businessman Challenges Government and Wins

Sign Showdown Set in Chester (Poll)

Chester Borough businessman Charles Wasser went to court to fight for his right to put a sign up in front of his store, Once Upon a Table.

May: Prospective Police Merger Sparks Controversy

Chester Borough Chief Defends Department

The polarizing issue of what to do with the Chester Borough Police Department brought out high emotions for all involved. After months of what he felt was misinformation being fed to the public, Chester Borough Police Chief Andre Kedrowitsch shared his perspective.

June: Sleeping Driver Plows into School Bus Full of Children

Bus Driver Honored By BOE For Saving The Day

The quick actions of a West Morris Regional bus driver saved not only the children on her bus, but also the driver of the car that struck them, according to police.

July: Daytop Hearings Reveal Shame, Frustrations, Fear and Hope Surrounding Drug Addiction

Ex-Addict: You Can Live a Productive Life

A state panel held a hearing at the Daytop School in Mendham where they heard testimony from parents of addicts, recovering addicts and officials looking for help in battling the growing drug scourge in New Jersey.  

August: Spike in Drug Arrests in Chester

Hot on the heels of the Daytop hearings, a massive spike in drug arrests were reported from Chester, with no change in their enforcement pattern.

September: Former Roommate Claims Innocence in Death of Parker Regan

Not Guilty Plea in Crash That Killed Mendham Teen

 James Sinclair Welch told a judge in Montana he was not culpable in the death or his former prep school roommate.

October: Hurricane Sandy Turns Mendham and Chester Upside Down

Hurricane Sandy Strikes Mendham and Chester

Power outages, cold weather and fear followed in the wake of the storm that proved how vulnerable the area was to the fury of mother nature.

November: Couple Killed Traveling Home During Hurricane Sandy

Couple Killed By Fallen Tree Were Randolph Residents

A Randolph couple traveling from their horse farm in Long Valley with their two young children were killed when a tree fell on their car.

December: School Bus Accident Avoids Injury

Chester School Bus in Accident on Route 206

A group of students on their way home from Black River Middle School were delayed when their school bus collided with a tractor trailer.

Tell us: Did we miss some of your favorites? Share some of yours in our comments below.


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