Holiday Generosity, DWI Crackdown Top News

A new community art storefront and alumni success stories also make this week’s 'nice' list.

The top five stories of the week centered around good times, good deeds and maybe a little too much merry making. Dive in and see what the last week of 2012 had for us.

The generosity of the people in Mendham and Chester made some Middletown families very happy this Christmas.

Great Buzz Surrounds The Hive in Chester

The Morris County Arts Workshop’s new storefront, the Hive, is opening for public art.

Mendham's Drive Sober Campaign Nets 13 So Far

Mendham Township has used their Drive Sober grant money on enhanced patrols that have brought in 13 arrests.

Local Students Make the Dean's List at RIT

Mendham and Chester student’s make top marks at the Rhode Island Institute of Technology.

Merry Monster Truck Rides In Chester

It’s a monster truck giving rides to kids. Enough said.


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